Thursday, October 18, 2007

Audit Management

An audit is a systematic examination used to determine whether or not an object meets previously specified requirements, and is usually performed using question lists. The results of an audit are valuated and documented.

SAP PLM QM Audit Management helps you plan and process audits, monitor corrective and preventive actions that were determined during audits, and evaluate audit data according to different criteria.

The audit management solution is very flexible and allows you to perform any type of audit that you require, for example, quality audits (system audits, process audits, product audits, supplier audits), environmental audits, security audits (site security, function security, data security), or industrial safety audits. The solution can be applied to the needs of all relevant norms like QS9000 or the DIN ISO 9000 series.

It encourages integration of different audits, for example, in accordance with DIN ISO 19011. Since audits are usually performed outside the office, mobile options are essential in supporting effective audit processing. Collaboration between the auditor and the audited party is required when corrective or preventive actions are agreed on, and have to be monitored. The audited party may use an Internet or intranet-based access to the actions to report their completion.

The solutions suitability to processing a wide variety of audit usages meets the requirements of companies to unify different management systems in one integrated management system. This greatly reduces audit expenses. A HTML interface ensures that the functions of the audit management solution are accessible for everyone who has authorization, from any location, on the Internet or intranet. Moreover, you can directly attach documents and notes to the data objects used in audit management. Thus, the information on audits is available company-wide avoiding double work and leading to improvement of products, processes, and supplier relationships. The integration of the audit management solution with the data environment of provides access to a vast array of information from other areas.

If necessary, it is possible for you to use interfaces to tools such as Microsoft Project® for the project management of an extensive audit plan, and Microsoft Excel® for the handling of question lists. The multi-lingual nature of the user interface and of the audit information supports you when working with foreign partners. For each audit phase, you can specify the partners and communicate with them using the platform. Audit management provides a complete solution, which is easy-to-use and enables benchmarking and the evaluation of best practices inside and outside the company.


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